Saltbush Kitchen - Salts


You must try these moreish native Australian bushfood salts next time you need to jazz up a meal. All made with premium Victorian salt. We love to use The Good Salt on eggs and steak. The Fancy Salt ought to be sprinkled generously on fish and calamari. The Campfire Salt will take your roast spuds to the next level, and gives fresh tomato a smoky edge. 

The Good Salt - Salt flakes & Tasmanian pepperberry

The Fancy Salt - Salt flakes, hibiscus flowers, lemon myrtle & mint

The Campfire Salt - Smoked sea salt flakes, kunzea, native thyme & lemon myrtle

Saltbush Kitchen is the passion project of Brigid Corcoran who, as a non-indigenous Australian, knew that she had a duty to honour the rich indigenous culture that we are all so lucky to share in. After seven years of delicious native bushfood research she put together a collection of spices, herbs and salts that are uniquely Australian.

The home of Saltbush Kitchen is in Ballarat, Victoria, on Wadawurrung Country, always was and always will be Wadawurrung land.