Salumi Australia - Pre-Sliced Charcuterie


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In 2010 Sardinian native Massimiliano Scalas, along with partner Rebecca McEwan, set out to create a range of Italian smallgoods that would honour the recipes of his homeland.

Inspired by the European Slow Food organisation founded in 1986, the pair were focused on quality above all else. For those unfamiliar, the Slow Food ethos embraces traditional recipes that use the most natural ingredients and eschews any shortcuts in the production process. 

This means that every Salumi product is made of the highest quality free-range Australian Pork, devoid of any added hormones or antibiotics. Further to this, the slow fermentation process they adhere to ensures each product develops more complex and interesting flavours than the standard fare found in supermarkets.

In a world dominated by low-quality and overly processed industrialised food, Salumi Australia instead takes the time to prove that 'tradition' exists for a very good reason.