Sauc'd Lownslow - Spice Rubs


“there are no mistakes in cooking, only opportunities to discover hidden flavour” ~ Sam Kimber

Sauc'd Lownslow is a family affair. At the helm is Brisbane local & UK expat Sam Kimber, lover off all things BBQ'd. He is the man behind all the fantastic spice blends and can usually be found in the kitchen either cooking or coming up with new BBQ blends. The rest of the family act as taste-testers, label-stickers, packaging experts and delivery drivers. Sam's 10 year old son even acts as the marketing photographer!   

Sam's hand-made spice blends are all bursting with sumptuous flavour that will elevate any BBQ. Rub-A-Dub-Dub!

The Weekend Blend- The casual cooks best friend. Goes with EVERYTHING from Chicken to Pork to Veggies. Smokey Paprika, with a light Umami finish. 

One Eighty Blend - Smoky and zesty, made with fried chicken on the brain but also a perfect match for grilled chicken or fish. 

Gentleman's Blend - Coffee Spice rub, longing to coat a hunk of brisket or ribs on the smoker. Rich, hints of chocolate, yet surprisingly earthy tones.

The Spilt Gin Blend - Juniper and Citrus, fresh and zesty, enough said. This is a bright rub to transform you back to long lazy summer nights. 

The Cherry Tree Blend - Sour Cherries + Sweet, smoky & spicey. What more do you need? A cherry dominant blend that will add a bright fruitiness to your next pork or beef ribs.