Saucy Wench - Sauces & Condiments


  • Chilli Jam - Throw out that boring sweet chilli sauce and get real!
  • Satay Sauce - Satay Saturdays!
  • Lemongrass & Tamarind Sauce - Put me on Chicken Wings!
  • Chilli Oil - Dumplings ahoy!

The forever fabulous Lisa Liu, more famously known as 'Saucy Wench' has become a minor celebrity around Brisbane. Following a drastic career change in order to pursue her passion for cookery, Lisa got her new start at Brisbane's biggest and best markets. Selling condiments and sauces at first, she eventually added frozen dumplings to the menu as well. 

Lisa is everything we love in an artisan producer - courageous, committed to quality, & full of personality.