Silver Tongue Foods - Crackers


Made lovingly by hand, these sourdough crackers make the perfect accompaniment to your next cheeseboard or charcuterie platter. The 35+ year old starter culture used in each batch of crackers adds a distinctly unique flavour due to the lengthy natural fermentation process it undergoes.

Silver Tongue Foods is the lovechild of Croatian expat and Sunshine Coast local, Kristina Kucan.

After losing her construction job at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Kristina wasted no time moping, and instead dragged her beloved Grandma's sourdough starter out of the back of her fridge. Her Uncle had been a master baker back in Croatia and on one fateful summer trip, he had taught Kristina the art of baking bread.

She began baking bread for her partner Andy's work colleagues, and would also pop some of her home-made crackers alongside them as a little bonus. The demand for her crackers quickly grew beyond the bread and Andy's workplace all together. Followin this Kristina & Andy made the bold move to start Silver Tongue Foods.