Smelly Balls - Car Air Freshener


Colourful car air fresheners with a silly name. Fun, fresh and funky!

Coconut + Lime - A fresh and sweet fragrance that's reminiscent of sun-kissed fruity cocktails on the beach.

Honeysuckle - A warm sweet fragrance that sits somewhere between candied fruit and bubblegum.

Tobacco Vanilla - Think leatherback chairs in a smoky speakeasy and you'll get the idea.

Coastal Drift - Sun, sand and the ocean breeze. Fresh and bright, this fragrance will whisk you away to paradise.

Smelly Balls are made from cruelty-free Nepalese wool by a team of easy-going road-trip-loving locals at Burleigh Heads. They believe that life shouldn't be taken too seriously and we here at Mumbleberry couldn't agree more!

These make the perfect gift when you're not sure what to get, and what's more, they have a huge range of other fragrances only available as refills that you can find instore.