StrangeLove Mixers - Single


  • Dirty Tonic - Flavoured with raw & unrefined Cinchona Bark to produce a full-flavoured bitter tonic
  • Coastal Tonic - A low-bitterness tonic with gentle notes of native thyme and sea salt
  • Distiller's Tonic - Brewed specifically for the connoisseur, this mild-bitterness tonic is rich in flavours of Italian wildflowers, vanilla, bergamot & citrus
  • Light Tonic - Light in flavour & calories. This tonic makes Gin the star of the show.
  • Hot Ginger Beer - Copious amounts of ginger make this one spicey boy
  • Salted Grapefruit - Combining gorgeous white grapefruit with a touch of salt. Tequila anyone?
  • Dry Ginger Ale - A good lick of ginger extract blended with Applewood-smoked water make this a mixer worthy of any cocktail
  • Bitter Lemon - A blast from the past. Bitter orange & Calamansi lemon are mixed with a good lick of cane sugar to deliver a tart citrus symphony.