Tea Tonic - Selection Box


These two variety boxes are the perfect gift to yourself or the tea-lover in your life. Whether they have many years of tea-drinking experience up their sleeve, or only just finding their feet in the world of tea, these generous selection boxes from Tea Tonic are sure to excite.

Fruity Selection - Vibrant & juicy, these low caffeine & caffeine-free teabags are sure to brighten your day.

Assorted Selection - A true journey through a myriad of tea styles and flavours. You are sure to find a few firm favoruites in this generous offering.

Chai Selection- A selection of chai and black teas, for the traditional tea lover. Savor the rich, robust notes of black tea, perfectly balanced with aromatic spices in our Chai blends.

Energising Selection- Awaken your senses with the variety of teas formulated to give an extra 'pep' to your step.

Calming Selection- Seek solace in a simple cup of tea. Allow the soothing herbs of our calming tea selection to envelop you in a healing ritual.

Lisa Hilbert is a pioneer and inspiration for women everywhere in Australia. Founding Tea Tonic in 1998, she still remains the only female teabag manufacturer in the country. Her childhood was troubled by bouts of asthma and eczema, and upon seeking help from a local Naturapath became inspired to follow the same career. However, she soon realised that her ability to help and support others would be limited unless she could find a way to incorporate her industry knowledge into a bigger enterprise, and so was born Tea Tonic.