The Triffid Tonic Co. - Tonic Syrup


The Triffid Tonic Company have created a sumptuous range of moreish tonic syrups that are just aching for you to splash some gin in them. Simply add soda water and you are ready to party.

Bitter Orange - Inspired by the classic colonial tonic recipe with the addition of an extra lick of bitter orange

Hibiscus & Fresh Ginger - Nottes of rich blackberry jam abound in this dry style syrup. Dark & stormy anyone?

Chamomile & Earl Grey - This syrups smacks of honey, yet it contains none. It's floral flavour make this a great accompaniment to a fruity cocktail.

Tasmanian Pepperberry & Lemon Myrtle - The taste of Australia in a glass. Pepperberry adds a gentle earthiness, while the refreshing lemon myrtle brings a touch of eucalypt to the mix. 

Most tonic water these days is made using synthetic lab-based quinine and then over-sweetened to counter balance the extra bitterness this type of quinine produces. The Triffid Tonic Co. use only fresh cinchona bark to flavour their syrups along with a blend of tried and tested unique ingredients.