Ugly Duck - Chutney & Relishes


Beetroot Rhubarb - Perfect on burgers, toasties and cheeseboards!

Aussie Stone Fruit Chutney - Slap this on a sausage, or as an accompaniment to your favourite curry!

Smoked Capsicum Relish - Amazing on sandwiches and ladled generously over eggs!

Jalapeño Relish - Laden generously over fish tacos or falafels

Michelle Mascher, founder of Ugly Duck Foods, rescues unloved seasonal Australian produce destined for the bin and gives it a second life in the form of her delicious chutneys and relishes. The taste and freshness of the ingredients matter; size, shape or colour doesn’t!

Ugly Duck Foods is an entirely female-run business that ensures all their products are free from preservatives, artificial colours & flavours. On top of this, they are all entirely vegan & naturally gluten-free.