Umami Papi - Crispy Chilli Oil


This will soon become your favourite fridge-door condiment!

The perfect blend of crunchy and spicy, Umami Papi's chilli oil will make just about everything taste better. For a traditional experience serve with dumplings. For a more unique twist, dollop a good spoonful into your next ommelete or salad dressing!

Ethan Yong began a love affair with spicy food at the tender age of 5 years old. His Mother gave him a gentle push towards chilli, explaining that if he embraced the heat, a whole new world of flavour would open up for him. Jump forward a few years and Ethan's love of chilli, coupled with many years of experimentation (plus an intense dose of Melbourne Covid lockdowns), and Umami Papi would emerge.

A big thanks must certainly go to Ethan's mum. Without her encouragement we never may have gotten to taste the incredible Umami Papi chilli Oil!