Washpool Lip - Balm Tins


Perfect for your handbag or the car, these Washpool lip balms are handmade from a bevvy of nourishing all-natural ingredients. 

Each tin is made from a blend of beeswax, Northern NSW Manuka honey and a variety of essential oils and extracts. Each picked carefully for their beneficial and supportive properties to your skin and body.

Melissa Thomas founded Washpool Supply Co. when she was living on a remote cattle property in Roma, Western Queensland. The harsh outdoor lifestyle of farm living was leaving her family with dry cracked skin that everyday moisturisers and soaps, containing cheap ingredients full of nasty irritants, seemed to worsen. An academic and researcher at heart, Melissa decided to teach herself how to make a soap free from all the ingredients causing her family problems. 

Today Melissa can be found at Washpool Supply Co.'s amazing Soaperie and store located in Stanthorpe. Even though she has a dedicated team of soapmakers working for her now, she still likes to get her hands dirty (or clean I suppose) and help out regularly on the production floor.