Weyhill Farm - '47 Cloves' Dehydrated Garlic


If there is one certaintly in Life, it is how unpredictable it can be. 

Weyhill Farm's '47 Cloves' can take some of the chaos out of life though. Never again will you reach for a bulb of garlic in the back of the pantry only to come up empty handed. Their brilliantly dehydrated garlic granules contain no added preservatives or nasty chemicals, just pure garlic. This is a must have for every kitchen!

If you had told Stuart Trent and Julie Wallace that they would one day be successful garlic farmers, they would have laughed in your face. However, lo and behold, after an impulsive move to the country in 2008, along with many years of self-education in growing garlic that would be their destiny.

They now stock an exciting range of delicious garlic products perfect for the unpredictable life.