Whisk & Pin - Rocky Road


Nestled in the heart of the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, Whisk & Pin finds it home amongst rugged cliffs, cascading waterfalls and eucalyptus forests that stretch as far as the eye can see. This natural beauty is reflected in their gorgeous Rocky Road. 

Rocky Road - A delightful mix of cranberries, vanilla marshmallow & slithers of coconut are all combined with robust Dark Chocolate.

Milky Road - Succulent blueberries are tossed with toasted almonds & fluffy marshmallows then coated with smooth Milk Chocolate.

Snowy Road - Moreish black cherries are mixed with cranberries, crunchy pistachios, marshmallow and luscious White Chocolate

Dessert Road - Caramel & White Chocolate are blended together then loaded with naturally dried strawberries, salted macadamias and delicate marshmallow.

For over 20 years Whisk & Pin have dedicated themselves to producing gorgeous high quality treats with a paddock to plate focus. They source their ingredients directly from growers across Australia which are then lovingly combined into their handmade creations.