White Possum - 'Naked' Liqueurs (500ml)


'Naked' Amaretto - Made from locally sourced apricot seeds that would otherwise be thrown away, along with a good pinch of native Strawberry Gum. A unique twist on this classically nutty-marzipan flavoured liqueur.

'Naked' Hazelnut - Locally grown hazelnuts are gently roasted then combined with cacao nibs and a blend of trade-secret aromatic root. The resulting liqueur is an intense nutty experience with hints of chocolatey complexity.

Premium spirit retailers White Possum know Aussie booze, and when they saw a gap in the market for local liquers they didn't wait for someone else to fill it. They got busy distilling and after a lot of taste testing they finally released their own range of 'naked' liqueurs. Each one made with only the most premium ingredients along with a unique Australian twist.