Woodside Cheese Wrights - Goat Brie 110g


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Goat Brie makes a wonderful alternative to the standard cow's milk varieties, and Woodside's offering is a fantastic example of this interesting style.

Goat's milk brie can be enjoyed both young, and at it's height of ripeness. The younger (less aged) cheese exhibits bright lactic top notes primarily and a firm interior; a great match for dry white wines and fruity beers. The riper (or older) the cheese is, the more earthy & barnyardy it becomes, making it great match for light reds and scrumpy ciders. Developing a wonderful complexity of flavours that will transport you straight to the farmyard. The French prefer their goat cheese well aged, though we'll let you decide which you prefer. 

Woodside Cheese Wrights are headed up by the indomnitable force that is Kris Lloyd. A self taught cheesemaker based in South Australia, Kris has spent the last 17 years perfecting the art and science that this occupation requires. Truly a pioneer of some of Australia's most unique artisan cheeses, she is constantly adapting, updating and forever improving her creations.