Woodside Cheese Wrights - Chevre 150g


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Woodside Cheese Wrights fresh Chevre captures the brightness that is so abundant in goat's milk. This makes it a fabulous match for both dry & sweet white wines, beer, cider and bubbles. Truly a cheese with many friends. Just as at home scattered over a salad as on a cheeseboard, this delicate cheese is sure to delight.

Lemon Myrtle - Leaning in to the bright flavours, lemon myrtle adds that extra citrus kick.

Saltbush - The saltiness of this native plant draws out the sweetness in the cheese.

Swag - The light coating of ash softens the acidity in the cheese allowing the milky notes to shine through.

Chevre - Pure unadulterated fresh goats cheese.

Goat on a Hot Tin Roof - Gently rolled in chilli, saltbush, pepperberry and crushed indigenous tanami apple. Spicy treat!  

Woodside Cheese Wrights are headed up by the indomnitable force that is Kris Lloyd. A self taught cheesemaker based in South Australia, Kris has spent the last 17 years perfecting the art and science that this occupation requires. Truly a pioneer of some of Australia's most unique artisan cheeses, she is constantly adapting, updating and forever improving her creations.