XO Tea - Green Tea


20-25 Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags per box

**Be sure to heat your water to no higher than 80°C when brewing your green tea as this is the temperature at which the natural tannins in the tea disolve. It is these tannins that cause green tea to become bitter in taste. Green Tea is the 'youngest' of all the teas and needs to brewed more delicately because of this**

  • Bossa Nova - Organic Green Tea with Lemongrass and Blueberry. A great detox tea!
  • Parakeet Bay - Organic Green Tea with Peach & Mango. Fun, fruity & fresh!
  • Amour - Organic Jasmine & Green Tea. Elegant and floral!
  • Casablanca - A low-bitterness Organic Green Tea featuring Mint & Strawberry. Perfect for those new to Green Tea!

XO Teas founder Arjun Kumar has tea in his blood. Since 1935 his family has been growing and manufacturing tea in the picturesque Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. Arjun learnt the art of blending and refining tea from his late grandfather, and continues to creatively use these lessons to expand the XO range.